General Information

This report intends to assess and analyse the development status of intellectual property capacities for 31 provinces and municipalities in China. By setting up a formal scientific system, known to be unprecedented in China (and perhaps even in the world), this report will be of great significance and solely objective.  

The entire process is a multi-subject complex; this requires the use mathematical and economical methodology, their expertise, along with that of intellectual property. The quantification requirement of intellectual property research can be done through the specification index which will reflect the regional intellectual property developments to begin with. Following on, the systematic analysis on 31 provinces will enable one to identify the disadvantages and advantages, so as to grab opportunities and realize challenges among the different regions in China. By adopting quantification research method, this report will endeavour to support the policy makers in gaining an objective and global view on regional intellectual property capacities, lighten the path of intellectual property development and provide a basis on which they will make their decisions. In addition, this assessment system will stand as a reference for investors by reflecting upon the inner connection between different parts of the development and their external influences.

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