IP Economic Performance


Performance of Intellectual Property

Macro Economic Performance

Economic Development Level

GDP Per Capita

Annual Disposable

Income of Urban Households

Transit of Economic Development Style

Labor Capacity

Energy Consumption of Gross Local Product

Economic Structure Optimizing

Proportion of Import and Export Income of High-Tech Products in That of the Whole Country

Proportion of Value Added of the Up-scale High-tech Enterprises in That of the Whole Country

Enterprise Development Performance

Production Escalating Index

Portion of Output Value of New Production of Large-Medium Sized  Industrial Enterprises in Gross Industrial Output Value

Portion of Sales Income of New Production of Large-Medium Sized  Industrial Enterprises in Main Business Income

Equipment Update Index

Original Price Portion of Micro-electronic Controlling Equipments of Large-Medium Sized Enterprises in equipments Used in Manufacture and Business Operation

Social Development Performance

Environment Improvement

Non-hazardous Treatment Ratio of Daily Disposal

Industrial Wasted Water Discharge Rate

Social Development

Average Life Expectancy

Informatization of Social Life

Internet Coverage Rate

Mobile Phone Popularizing Rate

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